Need Some Inspiration for Your Wedding or Party?

Sometimes, all you want for your wedding or party is a night to remember. If you’re not so sure where to start, check out the fun and timeless decor ideas below. Don’t worry, these aren’t the only options you have for your wedding or party. We’ll collaborate with you and your team to ensure we customize an event and theme that fits your vision and needs. Each celebration is essential, and that’s why we'll be honored to have the opportunity to join you and your team on the journey to your BIG DAY!!

Baby Shower

Welcome your new bundle of joy with a baby shower that gets everyone as excited as you are to be a new parent! After we are done planning and designing your special day, you will enjoy the celebration of a lifetime.


Planning and designing a birthday celebration for yourself, or someone else can be a time consuming and cumbersome process. Let's us collaborate with you and your team so we can plan and design a celebration that will make you proud. All you’ll have to worry about is bringing the cake and energetic guests so everyone can have a night to remember.

Wedding Anniversary

A few years back you said yes! Now is time to renew those vows. Let's us do the hard work by collaborating with us to plan your anniversary and decorate the venue. And don't worry our job is to bring your vision and ideas to life, per the stories you tell us.


You said yes, now what?! Show off that bling and pop the champagne around the great decoration and entertainment you will be showing off on your BIG DAY! The wedding reception should be all about celebrating the bride and groom before they depart for their honeymoon, and a life full of love and affection.


It's time to gather family and friends to celebrate the love you feel for each other. Now let them "drown" in the beautiful decoration we collaborated through your vision and stories to ensure your special night is full of joy and happiness.

Feeling inspired? Get in contact with us to create your own perfect party.
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